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Influences and Inspiration

I am influenced by Octavia Butler, John Faucette, Steven Barnes, Zane, all things P-Funk (including Snoop), some works by The Last Poets and Hip Hop.

I used to be a MC for a live rap band. Combine that with a weird imagination, Catholic childhood, nightmares, daily stress, and who knows what I'll come up with.

My bio: born 1970, married, father of two children who lives with my wife and children. I graduated from Bowie State University in 1993 with a degree in Business Administration, and minors in Marketing, Music, Communications and Economics. I work as a QA Test Analyst in the private sector.

Inteviews and Events

Interview with Awareness Magazine

I am currently working on a thriller that combines martial arts action with today's headlines.

If you're in Maryland, visit Caravan Book Stores in Oxon Hill to obtain copies of my works.

Semi-Professional Sales and Other Credits

  • "Addicted (Shiva Diva)", vocals and lyrics for rap track in the independent film "Rhyme Animal" (2005)
  • "Dwoor"---Fantasy novel acquired by Publish America, 2005 publishing date.
  • "This Is It", Horror Short story sold to Alienskinmag.com. (2004).
  • Two Scifihaiku (sci-fi haiku) sold to SCIFIAIKUEST online and in print, August 2004.
  • "WalkWare"---Hard SF novel, acquired by Publish America. Published September 2003.
  • "Asspitality"---song lyrics written for the "Avenue X" movie soundtrack (lyrics written in September 2003).
  • "Seeing Red"---SF short story, sold to Alienskinmag.com, July 2003 issue.
  • "Alien Erotica"---SF/F/H short story collection, published by RbanWrtr LLC, 2003. Out of print and looking for a new home.
  • "Hold Her Down"---SF short story, sold to (now defunct) UpandComingMagazine.com.


Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Vampires, Martial Arts, Hip Hop, Jazz.

I'm also the founder of Creative Brother's Sci-Fi Magazine

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