Cecil Washington: Author


Cecil Washington: Science Fiction and Fantasy Author

Creative Brother's Sci-Fi Magazine

African-American Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Magazine. Semi-pro rates paid for authors and poets who are chosen for publication. Some issues available for free download at www.lulu.com/creativebrother/

Alien Erotica

A collection of urban flavored sci-fi, horror and fantasy. Only available at Lulu.com.

Badlands, An Underground Science Fiction Novel

Badlands is the story of Paris, a warrior-yogin, who battles to free Earth from the rule of alien overlords. This book is out of print at Author House but can be ordered at Lulu.com. Original copies are also at Amazon.com.


Gobb the Dwoor must save Earth from an ancient evil that has taken over the body of a thief. And, he's got two different women he's in love with. This is Sword and Sorcery with humor that pushes the edge! Consider the content to be NC-17. This book is available at Publish America.

Soul of Paris

The sequel to Badlands, available at Lulu!


One man wars against a corporation of telepaths.


Walkware is the story of a man who tests intelligent, mobile, computer weapons for a global corporation. His loyalty is tested when he finds out that he too, is a weapon in his employer's arsenal. This book is available at Publish America. Consider the content to be NC-17.

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