A listing I put together in April 2003. Feel free to e-mail me if you know of any others: cecilwashington@yahoo.com

Badlands: An Underground Science Ficiton Novel, by Cecil Washington

Black Hole Soul, By Rahkyt

Black Science Fiction by John Faucette

Black White Love by Lorraine 'Elijah' Brown

Black Whispers, By A. Joy Seaton

Capoeira: A Tale of Martial Arts Mastery, Mysticismand Love By Khafra K Om-Ra-Seti

Curse of the Vendetta Horror Trilogy By Crystal Cartier

Evidence of Things Unseen By Natalie L. Kamau

From The Motherland to the Mothership, By Shurlene B. Wallace

Highlanders of Moon Mountian, By Kathy J. Wooden

Inside Edition: Life of Baby ''V'' By Velma E. Campbell-Straight

Interview with the Devil By Rick McCoy

Paradox By Michael A. Gill-Branion

Reaching for 2100 A.D. By Margo Norman

The Dawn of MAN by Elbert Lewis, Jr.

The Infra Project (a graphic novel---a very good> one)> by Edward Uzzle

The Manatee Warriors : Defenders of the Planet Moonark By Warren L. Jones

The Sea Island Curse By Linda Thompson-Penny

Sister Planet Tara By Jeneen Diane Sterling

Spirits in the Meadow By Jeannie Sadler


Temple of the Sky by Rahkyt

The Ire Shadow By J3

"WARNING," a Sci-Fi Novel By Bill Liggins

The Wishing Tree By Marjarie Darcene Person